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The benefits of organic superfood powder​​​​​​​

Organic superfood powders are foods that are dehydrated and finely ground into powder. Sometimes they're pure, sometimes they're mixed, and they can be easily added to baked goods, smoothies, yogurt, and drinks. The powder form retains most antioxidants and nutrients and is an easy way to add them to your daily diet.

Its nutrient-rich flesh is said to benefit the immune system and is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals such as niacin and potassium. Even powdered versions contain plenty of fiber, which AIDS digestion and helps control blood sugar levels.


On the other hand, they also have a good track record of promoting heart health, reducing the effects of aging and keeping skin clean, hair healthy and nails strong. There is evidence that organic superfoods augment several flavonoids known to have antioxidant properties.


So what you eat can have a huge impact on your overall health and happiness. Certain foods are considered "superfoods" because they are rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Superfoods aren't just a new fad, they've been around for centuries and are used in natural medicines around the globe.


The roots, leaves and fruits of some superfoods are said to boost the immune system, control hormones and help fight cardiovascular disease and obesity. Some people even claim that all the antioxidants in certain superfoods will give them a boost.


However, not all superfood powders are created equal. When choosing superfood powders, it's important to look for words like "cold-pressed," "freeze-dried," and "organic," as some of the more traditional options may contain additives and processed ingredients.


Although powders are an easy way to squeeze in more nutrients and antioxidants, you're actually getting rid of the fiber you get from chewing them. Superfood powders are an important addition to your diet, but should never replace whole foods, vegetables and fruits.


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Choose the best hair dye for 2022

Black is the most common hair color in the world. It is estimated that 75 to 85 percent of the world's population has black or dark brown hair. This may come as a surprise to anyone living in the United States, since only about 7.5 percent of women have black hair.


Coloring is the practice of changing hair color. The main reasons for this are cosmetics: covering up gray or gray hair, changing a color that is considered more fashionable or popular, or restoring the original color after a hairdressing procedure or s and bleaching. Hair coloring can be done professionally by a hairdresser or independently at home.



Let's take a look at how to choose the  hair dye  color for you. Choose the right tone to match your skin tone will look good. If your blood vessels are blue or purple and your skin is pink or red, you are cool.


Warm color is easy to tan, so those who tan on the side of friends, are likely to be warm skin oh, more suitable for brown, yellow, this is deeper than their skin color, can weaken your skin, let you look very white .


Cold leather burns easily and looks better with silver jewelry. When cold color is dyed, it is necessary to avoid warm color as far as possible. Gray and light brown are good choices.


The last thing to mention is that a person with fair skin really can't look too bad with any color! Don't forget your eyebrows when dyeing your hair, especially if you want to go very light.


Some hair color is very beautiful, but after dyeing it, it turns out that it is the same color, but her complexion seems to be whiter, but her own color is worse. In fact, hair color can not only change the appearance of the impression, but also affect the face color of the visual.


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Latest Identity Theft Scams

Sometimes what’s old is new again — stores are carrying blue jean overalls and college students are wearing crop tops.

Similarly, in 2022, many of the latest Identity theft scams are simply a twist on scams that have been around for a while. Still, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on so that you can avoid becoming a victim of these latest attempts to steal your identity.

What ID theft scams should you be on the lookout for? Let’s take a look.
Name Change Identity Theft Scams
This scam is a modern update to the “phone call from a government agency” hoax. Now that it’s becoming more common for people in the LGBTQ+ community to want to change their names to more closely match their chosen identity, fraudsters are taking advantage.

The fraud goes like this: A scammer will call someone who has recently changed their name and claim that due to the name change, there was an error with their tax return. All they need to fix it is your social security number.

And voila, if you give it to them, you’ve fallen victim to identity theft.

No one from the government will call you and request personal information over the phone. Just remember that, and no matter what nonsense reason the scammers come up with, you won’t fall for it.
Stimulus Check Scam
“So, all I need is your bank account information…”

When the government promised stimulus money to Americans, scammers took advantage of the expectation of a valid payment to steal peoples’ identities.

This identity theft scam is a phone call from someone posing as a member of the IRS. They claim they need your bank account information in order to send your check to you. If you hand over your bank account information, the fraudsters can use that to drain your bank account and steal your stimulus check for themselves.

The IRS has a clear process for getting information for stimulus payments, and it does not involve calling citizens. If you ever have any doubt, hang up and call the official phone number or visit the IRS website.
Stealing Authentication Codes
A variety of websites, especially financial ones, have started texting customers an authentication code before they can do things like changing a password. Scammers will take advantage of any possible situation to get you to give them this texted code.

Here’s a real situation I heard about recently: A woman had lost her dog and was posting online to try to find him. A scammer contacted her on Messenger and said “I have your dog, but I need you to give me the code I just texted you to ensure it’s really yours.”

The scammer did not have the dog, they simply went to reset the victim’s password to an important account and wanted the authentication code to complete the change. In this case, the victim did not fall for the fraud, but it shows that the scammers are completely shameless.
Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Fraud
The unfortunate truth is that scammers will take advantage of those who are vulnerable in order to steal from them. Knowing the common scams will help you stay safe.

You can also get a SecurePreferred identity theft plan that will give you peace of mind with affordable protection options. Take a look at our plans today!



How to Fix Your Credit After COVID

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has done a number on personal finances. In fact, 10% of Americans feel like they’ll never recover from the financial damage.

The good news is that most consumers have the ability to improve their credit rating, replenish their savings, and more. Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, over the long term there are strategies and credit monitoring services that you can use to improve your situation.

Let’s take a look at how to get back on your feet after the financial impact of COVID.

Assess Where You Are Now

Sometimes the stress of a crisis, combined with the money we lose, makes it hard to take a realistic look at where we are now. We might mourn the fact that our savings aren’t where they once were, or that our retirement account has been lessened.

However, the first step to getting back on track is understanding where things stand now. You might find that the truth isn’t as dire as you expected!

Try to set aside your previous expectations of what your future would hold so that you can understand your position today and create a new plan for the future.

Reduce Debt

How to Fix your credit in 2022

Many people struggled with job loss, lower income, or reduced hours during the two years we’ve been dealing with COVID. That means you might have racked up additional credit debt to make ends meet.

As the economy and job situation stabilizes, it’s time to start reducing your reliance on credit and creating a plan to pay down your debt. Set aside the emotions of this difficult time and focus on creating a logical, clear plan that you can follow.

As you reduce your debt, invest in a credit monitoring service that can help you keep an eye on your credit as you rebuild your finances.

Trim Waste From Your Budget

A lot of us bought things, subscribed to things, and invested in new hobbies to get us through the pandemic. There’s nothing wrong with finding coping mechanisms in a crisis, but it’s important to know when to pull back.

Now that you’re focused on getting your finances back on track, it’s time to look through your current subscriptions and expenses to see what you can get rid of. Can you shop around to get a better cell phone plan, eliminate a gym membership, or find a less expensive streaming service?

Many people are surprised at how many ways there are to save money in their budget. These changes will help you stay on track not just now, but over the long term as well. You can take the savings and put them toward your debt, which will help you fix your credit.

Replenish Your Emergency Fund

Once you have your immediate spending under control, it’s time to replenish your emergency fund. Many Americans used this money to get them through a period of job loss, fewer hours, and other economic problems.

Now that things are more stable, it’s time to start saving again. How does this impact your credit? An emergency fund allows you to handle unexpected expenses without having to go back to your credit card, so you can continue to build up your credit score.

Get Your Credit in Check

The COVID-19 crisis has lasted much longer than anyone expected. That means the economic impact has been worse as well. However, don’t give up hope — there’s a lot you can do to improve your credit.

Credit monitoring services can make a big difference as you get back on your feet. Learn more about IdentityIQ and sign up today!



Break Free From Your Mexico Timeshare

No matter what global or economic problems the world has, one constant is that people with timeshares and members of vacation clubs are unhappy with their timeshare purchases. Far from the carefree “vacation ownership” advertised at many sales presentations, timeshares are more often constant financial burdens. Maintenance fees alone can easily run over $1,000 per year.

Of course, you probably didn’t know all this before you signed the purchase agreement. Now, the question is how to get rid of your timeshare. You’re not the only one asking that question. You have a lot of options available to you, but not all of them are good. Among them are many scams, dead ends, wastes of money, and other traps for the unwary.

In this article, we will take a look at some different approaches you can take for getting rid of your Mexico timeshare solutions. Specifically, we will look at contractual cancellations, deed-backs, and timeshare resales/rentals. Though we won’t specifically discuss donating timeshares here, you should know generally that most charities will not take them off your hands. (Nor would you want to inflict the annual fees and burdens of a timeshare on your favorite charity.)

We’ll also discuss getting an expert timeshare exit company like Centerstone Group to help you sift through the options and make the best possible choice.

How to Get Rid of Your Timeshare Just After Signing the Contract: Cancellation

How to get rid of your timeshare: person signing a document


There should be clear instructions in the timeshare agreement.
It’s the fastest option.
The law is on your side.
You will get your money back.


Companies will try to stop you from canceling or will trick you.
You have to make sure the procedure is done correctly, or your cancellation won’t be accepted.

Canceling or rescinding a timeshare contract is, in theory, the easiest way to get out a timeshare. It’s often not practically the easiest because timeshare companies make it difficult or impossible to do correctly.

Almost every state in the union has a law allowing you to back out of a timeshare contract within a limited amount of time after signing that contract. (Nevada’s law, for example, allows you to cancel a contract within five days of signing it.) Many other countries have similar rescission period laws as well.

These laws require that timeshare contracts and/or governing documents (sometimes called the Public Offering Statement) have an express cancellation provision that tells you exactly how to end the contract within the stated period. This will almost always require a cancellation letter to be sent to a specific place.

Again, in theory, this should be easy. Many developers, however, refuse to accept the letters. Unscrupulous representatives may assure owners that they can cancel with a phone call instead of a letter when this is not true. Sometimes, sales representatives won’t mention the existence of the cancellation period, or they’ll misstate how long owners have to take advantage of it.

In other words, timeshare companies often do all they can to prevent owners from taking advantage of timeshare cancellation laws. Therefore, even when a contract is clear on the matter, trying to handle a cancellation by yourself can be a tough job, and even the most determined owner may not succeed.

Deed-Back: A Difficult, Long-Shot Option

Person putting an envelope in a mailbox


If it works, you have a clean exit.
You’ll have no more maintenance fees or special assessments to worry about paying year after year.


You can only do it if the resort lets you. (The resort probably won’t let you.)
You don’t get any money back.
The resort will likely charge you special fees for the transfer itself.

Timeshare companies will often tell skeptical buyers that they can just “give the timeshare back” to the resort at any time if they don’t want the unit anymore. This is a deceptive statement, though, as the process is rarely that easy.

As with cancellations, it is not in a timeshare company’s best interest to make it easy for you to deed back your unit. If it were easy, lots of people would do it, and then, the company would lose out on the revenue streams it generates from annual maintenance fees and other amounts it collects.

It’s much easier for a timeshare company to promise to “consider” a deed-back program deal and never actually follow through. Even if it doesn’t ghost you during the process, the company still has the final say as to whether it will even take the timeshare back. If it doesn’t, you’re still stuck paying the fees, and you have just wasted a lot of time.

A word of caution: Some companies will suggest that you simply stop paying all fees and mortgage payments, allowing the timeshare companies to start foreclosure proceedings. This is a tough option, and there are negative impacts that can stay with you for up to seven years. It can also cause legal problems, like a deficiency judgment.

Timeshare Resales and Rentals


You can make money on your timeshare, if successful.
A rental could even create a revenue stream that offsets the cost of your timeshare.


Selling a timeshare is almost impossible.
You probably can’t rent out your timeshare unless it is in a very desirable location (e.g., Hawaii or Florida) and/or time frame.
You need approval from the resort to rent out your timeshare. To get that, you’ll have to pay more fees.

If you have a piece of real estate that you don’t use, the most common things to do are sell it or rent it. Timeshares, however, are very different beasts. The timeshare resale market is so dismal that it may as well not even exist. It doesn’t matter whether your timeshare brand is Marriott, Wyndham, or Diamond — nobody is going to buy it from you.

(Some brands, like Disney, have more clout, and there is a market for them. But even if you do sell your Disney timeshare, you would still almost certainly do so at a loss.)

Outside of a few unique exceptions, you shouldn’t expect anyone to pay anything of value for your timeshare. Even assuming you did get something, it would likely be eaten up by closing costs and fees charged by the timeshare company to allow the transaction.

There are some realtors and companies that specialize in listing and selling these units, but any buyer you are likely to get will only pay pennies on the dollar. Some timeshare owners have taken to sites like eBay and Craigslist to sell units for $1, and even then, they still have trouble finding buyers. Timeshares are considered such a bad investment that it’s difficult to even give them away.

Another reason to stay away from resales is the large number of scammers posing as resale companies. These companies take a large upfront fee (usually in the thousands of dollars, often paid by credit card) based on the promise that they have a waiting buyer. They then disappear into the night, taking your money with them.

Renting your timeshare isn’t a good way to make money, either. Most resorts will have rules that disallow rentals that compete with the resort’s own rental program. After all, the number-one renters of timeshares are the timeshare companies themselves. For that reason, timeshare companies will usually charge fees or undercut the pricing to dissuade you from renting out your unit.

Also, given that there are likely a lot of units up for rent in desirable locations, you are probably not going to make that much money off of renting your timeshare.




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