Chamfering machine is a professional for mold manufacturing, hardware machinery, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic parts, valve manufacturing, textile machinery chamfering and milling, planing and other processing products of burr small precision machine tools.Using fast machine chamfering is the development trend of machinery industry.It overcomes the machining shortcomings of existing machinery and electric tools, and has the advantages of convenience, speed and accuracy. It is the best choice for chamfering metal objects.


Machine according to popular name classification, divided into flat chamfering machine, steel plate chamfering machine.


Plate chamfering machine is specially designed for plate chamfering.It is a manual bevel cutting tool.Suitable for chamfering and beveling of metal sheet before welding.Its light weight (compared with similar products), small vibration, simple operation, safe and reliable use.


Steel plate chamfering machine has the advantages of accurate size, smooth surface, one-time molding, no need to clean burrs, convenient operation, high efficiency (3 meters per minute), low energy consumption.It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the quality of groove. 


The machine is divided into: portable chamfering machine, portable automatic walking chamfering machine, table chamfering machine


Portable chamfering machine is light in quality, easy to use and simple to operate.It can improve work efficiency and reduce cost.Chamfering thickness can be adjusted.Super hard contacts are installed on all four sides.Suitable for large workpiece without heat treatment, such as all kinds of molds, mechanical parts manufacturing chamfering.


Portable automatic walking chamfering machine is used for chamfering workpiece edge before welding.Used for deburring and chamfering of metal plates before welding.Clean and cut the steel plate corners according to the required Angle to get the required chamfering Angle.Chamfering machine is suitable for steel, cast iron, hard plastic, non-ferrous metals and other materials!


Desktop composite high speed chamfering machine can easily process 3D chamfering, whether the product is straight line or curve (such as outer circle, inner hole, waist hole) and irregular inner and outer cavity edge chamfering, can replace nc machining center, ordinary machine tool equipment can not process parts chamfering.Straight line chamfering, arc chamfering, irregular curve chamfering can be completed on one machine, one machine multi-purpose.


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